This Guy Gave His Girlfriend Goalie Gloves On Christmas For The Best Reason Ever

Sometimes the simplest gifts say the most. Like this bro giving his girlfriend, Catherine, a pair of soccer goalie gloves for Christmas…because she’s a keeper!!! Hahaha do you get it? Because another name for a soccer goalie is a keeper and this guy is madly in love with his girlfriend because she’s a keeper and ahahaha I’ll shut up now and let you admire the joke.

But real talk, she looks none too pleased about the gift. That’s definitely an “Are you fucking serious?” face. Like, you probably spent $30 on a pair of goalie gloves I’ll never once use and that money very well could have been used for ~2.5 perfectly good burrito bowls from Chipotle. Hey, who knows, maybe she returned them. Or maybe she held on to them simply as a memoir of this amazing tweet which is currently on a one way flight to Viral City, USA.

Good one, bro. Keep her on her toes (and squared to the ball).

[h/t Bren O’neill]

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