Guy Who Partied Too Hard Got Out Of A Parking Ticket When Cop Noticed A Note On The Windshield

guy gets out parking ticket note windshield


A man in Wausau, Wisconsin who partied a little too hard one night was about to get a parking ticket on his car the next day when Officer Jim Hellrood noticed a note on the car’s windshield. What the officer read in the note made him have a change of heart and he decided to not issue a citation.

What did Hellrood read in the note that would make him change his mind about ticketing someone? “Please take pity on me. I walked home… safe choices.”

“Pity Granted, Just A Warning,” the Wausau Police Department posted on Facebook Monday. “Parking Control Officer Jim Hellrood can appreciate people making safe choices, and a good sense of humor. That’s why he recently issued a warning to a vehicle left in a metered lot overnight.”

Lt. Cord Buckner, of the Wausau Police Department, told CBS News he’s never heard of anything like this happening before in the area, but he’s happy with the driver’s decision not to get behind the wheel.

“[This driver] realized it may not have been a safe choice and risked a citation rather than risk their own safety,” Buckner said. “We certainly applaud that decision to not drive.”

Needless to say, the Wausau Police Department scored some big points with the townsfolk for their use of discretion in this very unique situation.

Sometimes all “rules” aren’t written in stone….what a great example of taking a situation into consideration and doing the right thing. Great job to both sides! — Ellen Verstegen

That was really nice of him. Making the choice to risk a ticket rather than drive drunk is very smart! — Michelle Denton

This is awesome! Glad to see this Parking officer made a good decision. Just awesome! — Ray Rottler

Lt. Buckner summed it up best, however, saying, “We’re pleased people follow what we do and take an interest and understand the decision. But if you are planning on drinking avoid driving all together.”


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