Guy Has GIANT Chunk Of His Skull Completely Removed After Stroke. Seriously, This Guy’s Head Is Missing Look At Him!

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Kenny-Bailey from Daily Star credit 'Bailey'

Poor Kenny Bailey. Not only did he suffer a stroke, but said stroke meant doctors had to remove nearly half of his head in order to save him. He joins Tommie Bennett in our gallery of “People With Fucked Up Heads,” as Bennett has literally no scalp. None. Bailey is missing his skull and Bennett has no skin on the top of his head. The two are destined to become this generation’s Odd Couple, however Bailey’s problem at hand isn’t that he’s single, but that he had his benefits cut after a medical examination ruled that he’s “fit to work”:

Kenny Bailey was told by the Department for Work and Pensions that his £78-a-week benefit would be stopped following a medical examination.

That is despite Mr Bailey suffering from paralysis in the left side of his body, suffering memory loss and walking with a severe limp.

He’s now accused the DWP of ‘picking on the disabled’ after his employment and support allowance was stopped.(via)

Bailey says that he uses the money to pay his bills, and whatever is left over gets put towards food. “But because I can use my right side they are saying I’m fit for work. I can’t use my arm, I’ve got a bad limp and I can’t concentrate on things,” he explains. “I hate how I look. I’m so self-conscious. I feel as though people are always staring at me.”


Kenny-Bailey from Daily Star credit 'Bailey'

That’s probably because they are, Bailey. Not to be the bearer of bad news but you’ve got a rather remarkable mug – so why don’t you make some lemonade out of your lemons? Sell ad space on your chest, the back of your head, your shoulders, pretty much anywhere that’s blatantly visible to people who won’t stop staring at your head. With all the money you’ll make walking around with the word “GEICO” taped to your neck you won’t need benefits anymore – frankly, you’ll probably be making more. And lucky for you, I only require 10% of all profits for coming up with this wonderful idea. What a steal!

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