Mugshot Of The Day Is This Guy Who Literally Has NO SCALP. Seriously, This Guy’s Head Is Jacked Look At This Shit


Putnam County Sheriff’s Office

Yo, not gonna lie this is a lame story. Tommie Bennett not only spells his name with an “ie” instead of a “y,” but also wasn’t arrested for doing anything fun. Nope, all he did was try to jack some camping equipment from a trucker parked outside the Economy Inn in Putnam County, Florida.

That’s pretty tame as far as our standards go…but look at this fucker’s head:


Putnam County Sheriff’s Office

That shit is WRECKED. Like how bad does your dandruff have to be for you to pick off all the skin on your head? Or maybe the dude was just itchy one day and went to town upstairs with a power sander. Mysteries. Mysterious mysteries indeed.

Oh and in the even that you actually care about what happened to Tommie after he was caught stealing, he ended up being charged with burglary of a conveyance, larceny and possession of a new legend drug (guy had pockets full of Viagra…because Florida, that’s why) without a prescription.

[H/T Metro]