Think You’re Having A Bad Day? This Guy Woke Up With A Gigantic Penis Tattooed On His Leg

This guy, we’ll call him Greg, because that’s his name, he went on a little bender one night. You know, the kind of thing we all do now and then. Have a few drinks, a little absinthe, maybe a few more, pass out, then wake up the next morning with a gigantic 10-inch penis tattooed on our leg.

What? That’s never happened to you? You need to get out more.

Appearing on the show Tattoo Fixers, Greg said that when he woke up and saw the giant schlong on his leg he just assumed that one of his friends had drawn it on there with a Sharpie. Natural reaction to be sure.

Problem was, as he tried to wipe it off it wasn’t going anywhere and eventually once he started bleeding he realized the grim truth: he had a giant penis permanently etched onto his leg.

“I started scrubbing it off and it bled and I thought well, that’s the end of my life as I knew it, mam’s gonna kill us,” he said on the show.

He also said that the giant phallus drawn on his leg put his real one to shame so he definitely knew that he had to do something about it.

And that’s how he ended up on Tattoo Fixers where a tattoo artist named Sketch fixed him up with something a tiny bit more presentable.

Check out the tattoo both before and after Sketch worked his magic below…

[protected-iframe id=”4bd35bdc1f03dc12b39b0a63e2b2fd1f-97886205-92827192″ info=”″ width=”640px” height=”360px”]

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Tattoo gun image by Shutterstock

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