Guy Makes Horrendous Facebook Faux Pas On Girl’s Wall After Meeting And Making Out With Her One Night At A Bar

Most people add the random strangers they might’ve felt a connection with on Facebook, if only for a moment – you scroll through their photos, determine whether or not he/she is a loser, then either let them sit in your “Friends” list as an afterthought until they pop up on your newsfeed and you delete them (it’s been six months at that point and you don’t remember who they are), or you delete them straight away.

If they liked you, maybe they’ll shoot you a casual message or even write on your wall – but most likely the former, not the latter. Random drunken acquaintances don’t write on walls…except for this dude. He not only wrote on the wall of a girl who happened to accept his friend request after kissing him on her 21st birthday, but made it creepy as hell too:

Man card: revoked.

Dignity: gone.

Self-respect: can’t take it away because it was never there.

Let this be a lesson to everyone…a simple Facebook message > embarrassing yourself publicly.

[H/T Mirror]