This Guy Seems Pretty Relaxed For Someone WITH A BIG IRON ROD STUCK IN HIS HEAD!

man rod head

YouTube - Associated Press

We can’t make this stuff up folks. In fact, here’s the video’s description: “A man with an iron rod in his head drove to a gas station in a small town in the north of New Zealand on Saturday and calmly asked for some help.” That’s truly a “wait, what” moment right there.

In fact, it was such a WTF moment that the people in the gas station thought this guy was playing a prank on them when he walked in and acted so chill.

“I was like, ‘Man is this a TV show? Is this guy for real?'” says Katikati Caltex owner Lester Gray. “It looked like a Halloween stunt where people wear those Halloween costumes over their heads, but it was pretty real when he turned around and blood was coming down the side of his head.”

That’s when what seemed to be a prank became real for customers and staff at a Caltex service station in Katikati.

“He just walked in with the rod in his head and I was just like, ‘Is that a drum stick in your head?'” says witness Dylan Shea. “And he was like, ‘Nah, it’s a rod.'”

Police are still investigating the incident. He was allegedly attacked while he was parked in his car, and the rod has since been removed he’s in a serious but stable condition.


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