Guy Pranking His Friend Into Entering A Complete Stranger’s Home Is SO MEAN, Yet SO FUNNY

by 5 years ago
wrong house prank friend

YouTube - Connor McCarthy

The story here is that a guy, let’s call him Connor McCarthy because that’s his name, invited his friend over to his house. This friend had never been to the Connor’s house before so rather than, you know, give him the CORRECT address, he gave him the address across the street. Funny, right? But wait, there’s more…

Connor also told his friend that he was in the middle of playing Xbox and that he shouldn’t worry about knocking, but to just come right on inside and up the stairs when he arrived.

Of course Connor videotaped his friend unknowingly becoming a home intruder and naturally, the video of his friend’s reaction and fleeing of the home in terror is priceless.

No word on whether these two guys are still friends.

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