This Guy Refuses To Go Down On Women And The Internet Is Pissed To Shit About It

If you receive and don’t return the favor you’re a grade A+ jackass. End of story. And if you have the balls to complain about it you should be taken out back and shot in the head. Again, end of story. Imagine that you’ve just slogged through the task of eating out a girl until she finished, dropped your pants since it’s obviously your turn now and instead of chokin’ your hot dog down her throat she rolled over and said “Nah, pass.”

Yeah…that shit wouldn’t fly. So why does William Lloyd claim it’s okay when he does that to girls? According to him he’s so good at eating puss that chicks cum all over his face, but instead of wearing it like a badge of pride he finds it disgusting. According to William,

There’s no way of being ambiguous here: the first time I went down on a girl she ejaculated all over my face.

A hot, sticky, wet jet of piss.

The next day my eyes were dry and itchy. They appeared to be swimming in some kind of red soup. More than piss I felt rinsed in a shame and embarrassment so total as to make me say to myself that I’d never go down on a girl a second time.

It isn’t rational or nice but it’s the ridiculous truth. And it really, really put me off going there ever again.

Because hot jizz straight to the mouth is any less gross. Hop off your high horse and take the low road ya jackass, because according to the Internet you’re not exactly god’s gift to women:




Congrats William, you’ve just cockblocked yourself for life.

Welcome to Matt Keohan’s world.

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