Guy Manages To Scam Tinder Dates Out Of $26,000 By Using The Dumbest Approach No One Should Fall For

35-year-old Brandon Kiehm faces criminal charges after numerous women he met through Tinder claim that he scammed them out of their money using a scheme only morons would fall for: blatantly asking for money.

No really, that’s reportedly what he did – according to Mirror, Brandon pretended to be a Goldman Sachs banker with a sister dying of cancer. Now, I don’t know about YOU, but if someone I matched with on Tinder started asking me for money I’d bail. In fact I’d bail twice as fast if I got some sob story about how a family member was dying of cancer yadda yadda “Obi Wan you’re my only hope”:

Kiehm, a 35-year-old dog walker from Roosevelt Island, allegedly began his con in July 2015 under the guise of Tristan Acocella when he linked up with a woman on the dating app .

The charges state that in September Kiehm-as-Acocella told the woman due to a wallet theft, he needed to borrow money to pay for his sister’s medical treatment. She says she gave him £9,748.

A month later, another reported victim was asked for cash “because his mother was undergoing cancer treatment and he had been robbed”. She says she gave him £8,359.(via)

Who are these people who have a casual $10,000+ laying around ready for the donating? $10,000+ for getting your car repaired sure, $10,000+ for when you break your leg and realize you forgot to sign up for your company’s health insurance yes, but $10,000 for some bozo on Tinder with a dying relative? Nah. And isn’t he supposed to be a Goldman Sachs banker? Dude should be swimming in cash, not begging for crumbs on a smartphone.

However, Brandon’s “plan” (if you can even call it that) began to fall apart once the checks he wrote to pay back the women bounced:

Kiehm has also been charged with stealing a debit card and opening a digital wallet account with Venmo on it, to which he allegedly charged £9,055.

Kiehm’s mother has confirmed that neither she nor her daughter has, or has ever had, cancer.(via)

No shit lady. Your kid’s just a scumbag.

Brandon Kiehm now faces charges of grand larceny, identity theft and scheme to defraud.

[H/T Mirror]