Guy Gets Brutally Trolled When He Accidentally Texts Wrong Number To Talk About His Penis

guy trolled texts wrong number penis


At this point in the 21st century if you are about to say ANYTHING potentially embarrassing in a text, it’s probably best to just not do it.

Even you send the text to the person you intended to send it to there’s a fairly good chance that someday it will come back to bite you.

However, if you happen to send the text to the WRONG number, well, then it’s almost GUARANTEED to somehow make its way on to the internet.

This is something a man named Michael probably found out this week as a text conversation he thought he was having with a woman named Crystal went viral.

Why did it go viral? Uh, because he texted her to ask her to stop talking about his tiny dick.

Thankfully, the conversation was saved for posterity (and sharing on Imgur) by someone going by the handle iwasdoingfinelurking.

Here’s how it begins…

Apparently the fact that Crystal has seen 10 tiny penises recently was not a huge surprise to good old Michael. He is way too laser-focused on getting Crystal to stop talking about his little peen.

Poor bro, he doesn’t even ask her to lie and say it’s bigger. He just wants the madness to stop.

And there’s the “oh shit” moment.

Oh well, Michael, at least you can take solace in the fact that a professional sex-haver doesn’t think the size of a man’s wiener matters one little bit. Whoops, sorry. Poor choice of words.