Guy Learns Why Having Long Hair In A Fight Is A Very Bad Idea, Gets Wrecked



Living your life by the phrase ‘long hair, don’t care’ is a pretty good way to get your head smashed against the glass door of a convenience store, as you can see in that video just below. Long hair offers up zero advantage to a man, and not only that but it’s lame as hell. Someone failed to tell the guy in this video how poor of a decision his choice to grow out long hair was, and he learns the cold hard truth about why good hygiene is important:

This video’s rotten with bad decisions…. You don’t roll up into a convenience store and allow yourself to be surrounded on all sides by workers AND THEN proceed to start breaking shit. That’s when someone somewhere will take charge, and because you’re surrounded from every angle and sporting foolishly long hair. The long hair, as we see in the video, can easily be used to grasp onto and smash someone with long hair’s head into a glass door. Like I said, this video’s rotten with bad decisions.

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