This Guy’s House Got Turned Into A Gym On ‘Pokemon GO’ And Now He Has People Creeping Around 24/7

Boon Sheridan, a designer who lives in Massachusetts, downloaded Pokemon GO on Friday only to find that his house was marked as one of the area’s gyms. Most residential homes are left alone on the Pokemon GO map, however Sheridan’s house was originally a church in the 1800’s, explaining how his residence got marked as a suitable place for a gym in Nintendo’s system.

Initially, Sheridan didn’t see a problem with it…until people started showing up at his place to battle:

According to Buzzfeed, Sheridan has people showing up at all hours of the day and as of Sunday has had about 50 people roll through in total. While this may seem annoying to you or I, the only part that apparently bothers him is when people linger around late into the night:

“I’d be cool with it if I could have some control over the hours,” he said. “I’d rather them get it sorted out a little bit better.”

Sheridan said he hopes to talk to the developers behind the game to ask if they could put some limits on when people can come to his home or maybe move the gym to the nearby park.

For the most part though, Sheridan seems to be okay with the whole thing and even got to meet the leader of the gym he currently lives in:

It could be a lot worse, in other words – as in he could be getting robbed by people using Pokemon GO, like this unfortunate Bro in Missouri.

[H/T Buzzfeed]