You’re Not Robbing People In 2016 Unless You’re Using ‘Pokemon Go’ To Do It

Madness. That’s what’s going on in the smartphone world right now. 11 out of 10 people you meet these days are playing Pokemon Go, and you know what? They’re geniuses for doing so. Impossible to put this game down right now. What’s the highest level Pokemon you’re currently ripping with? I wanna know (for real), holla in the comments.

Anyways, I digress, because you should probably know that while you’re running around looking for the most evasive Pokemon the world has yet to discover, alas, there are actually scumbags out there looking to ROB YOU on your quest to catch ’em all.

Yes. There are people out there smart brazen enough to use Pokemon Go as a means to set other people up for orchestrated armed robberies…! Head on a swivel at all times, bros.

The incidents in question happened in Missouri over the weekend, and there’s very two solid takeways from it.

1) That’s how you rob in 2016. Seriously. Adapting with the times. Evolving to the niche. Playing the fads. If you’re gonna rob someone, rob someone doing what every other person on the planet is doing right now – oblivious to anything happening in reality surrounding them, because FUCK HAVE YOU COME ACROSS A WILD TAUROS EITHER!?!?!*

2) Mentioned above; head on a swivel AT ALL TIMES PEOPLE. Wild world we live in these days. Wild Pokemon. Wild people. Always beware of your surroundings. Don’t wanna be the guy I blog about next week that walked into a wall of water Typhoon and got swallowed by the sea because there was a wild Gyarados hanging out in the north Pacific. Or the one who got hit by a car because of that Golbat in the street. Nor the bro who got set up at gunpoint because there were Pikachus swarming at a Pokestop because people put them there to intentionally rob you.

*This post does not condone robbery, armed or otherwise, in any form. Thanks.

Fun PSA, guys.

[via PZF]