This Hacker Dude Created A Virtual Reality Version Of ‘Duck Hunt’

Joseph Delgado deserves a nobel peace prize, or at least a heinously massive amount of credit at the upscale silicone-injected, VD-free strip joint nearest his home. Delgado, a 21-year old student hailing from New Jersey Institute of Technology is a goddamn American hero.

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Delgado re-worked the original 8-bit NES adventure game ‘Duck Hunt,’ and using his Oculus Rift Development Kit 2 forged a working Virtual Reality rendition. The 21-year old visionary also managed to tinker round with ‘Duck Hunt’s’ original gameplay, so that you players using Delgado’s newer version can enter a seven-day challenge, where the ducks get faster, and harder to kill as each day passes. Stroking that competitive ego, and I love it.

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Delgado created this masterpiece for worldwide hackathon, Global Game Jam 2016. In case you missed it, hackathons generally involve the gathering of the smartest tech gurus you’ve seen pounding keyboard, clicking mouse, somehow never having to use the bathroom, and always chugging coffee (actually, usually Red Bull or Monster), while composing the next goldmine of an app startup from within your local coffeeshop. Delgado commented recently on YouTube to say that he plans on releasing this game for free, and will likely port it to upcoming VR tech. HTC Vive. Oh god please let him not morph this into some savage profit-churning monster of a game, but like, I’d get it. It’s that good, and for sure worth a few bucks.

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