Hackers Say They Are Planning Another Major Attack To Take ‘Pokemon Go’ Offline Again

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The Pokemon Company

It’s already hard enough for people to play the world’s new favorite game Pokemon Go without hackers making it even more difficult to get online. Unfortunately, the people who claimed responsibility for a previous attack last weekend say that they are planning to do it again.

PoodleCorp (yes, really), who were behind the previous DDOS attack of Pokemon Go’s already stretched servers, say that another attack is coming on August 1st.

Why would they do this? According to The Next Web

“We take the servers offline because it is popular right now and nobody can stop us,” @xotehpoodle (a member of the Poodlecorp group) said. “We do it because we can, nobody can stop us and we just like to cause chaos. We chose August 1 so we have time to relax and not care about doing anything.”

Seems kind of mean.

In an interview which you can watch below, Axo-0 of PoodleCorp, gleefully says about hacking Pokemon Go, “Because we can, chaos is entertainment. We like to piss people off because we can.”

He also shared another reason why they are doing it, “Find something else to do, cause if that is all you have to do you need a life.”

On the positive side, perhaps the fact that they’ve already announced when they are planning the attack there is something that that Pokemon Go people can do to try to prevent it. We’ll see I guess.

Until then, here are some tips to help make you a Pokemon Go master…

H/T The Next Web, Unilad

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