Halloween Candy Beer Pairings To Help You Party Like An Adult

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Beer is like candy for adults, so it makes sense to come up with Halloween candy beer pairings. At least it does in my head, which is all that really matters at the moment.

We all remember getting pillow cases full of candy every Halloween. Some were great. Others were terrible. That’s why I’ve included Halloween candy beer pairings for even the worst of the trick or treating loot. The one thing that was always constant though was that you had more candy than you could eat in a month. That probably won’t be the case with these beers because A) no one is giving you these beers for free, and B) drunk people love drinking more.

Goose Island The Muddy

Colin Joliat

1. Good & Plenty – Goose Island The Muddy

Black licorice is typically for Jager and terrorists. Goose Island managed to use it to perfection as a subtle stout modifier in the third beer from their Imperial Series. At 9% ABV, The Muddy is more than capable of improving the taste of Good & Plenty.

2. Peanut Butter Cups – Spring House Big Gruesome Peanut Butter Chocolate Stout

You probably don’t need an explanation for this, but the best Halloween candy deserves a damn fine accompaniment. A double dose of cocoa nibs and actual peanut butter are used to make Big Gruesome, and the name is certainly fitting of the day.
Big Gruesome Peanut Butter Chocolate Stout – Spring House Brewing Company

3. Candy Corn – Mikkeller 1000 IBU

I don’t care what you tell yourself, candy corn is the worst Halloween candy on Earth. It’s just the decorative part of a wedding cake. You know, the pure sugar part that no one actually eats. The only way to tolerate it is to scorch your taste buds with one of the most bitter beers ever made.


Clown Shoes

4. Snickers – Clown Shoes Burnt Caramel

There are only two ways to improve a Snickers bar. Make it bigger or add more caramel. The first is out of your control, aside from smashing several together, but the second is easy. Clown Shoes threw 500 pounds of caramel into a brown ale, so just dip your candy into this beer, and you’re good to go.

5. Raisins – Dogfish Head Raison d’Etre

Giving out raisins is a surefire way to get your house egged, but people still do it every year. Fight back against a health nut imposing their views on your cavities by drinking Raison d’Etre. It’s the first good use of raisins since the sun dropped two scoops in your breakfast.

6. M&Ms – Founders Dirty Bastard

Malt… meet malt. Seven of them, in fact. Not only is a dirty bastard a classic Halloween costume, it’s a great beer. That makes it the perfect Halloween candy beer pairing for the classic packet of fun sized chocolate excellence, M&Ms.

Pennies – Miller High Life

The penny people were the worst when I was a kid. Now, I see what they were really all about. Straight cash homie. As much as I now appreciate these folks, you still can’t buy much with pennies. That only leaves one option… the champagne of beers.

Don’t agree with some of these suggestions? This bud’s for you…


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