Seeing This Hammer Smash A Mirror At 120,000 Frames Per Second Is Like Plugging Into The Matrix And Dropping Acid

On the surface level this might be one of the simplest experiments The Slow Mo Guys have ever done on YouTube: break a mirror with a hammer and film it in slow motion. But when you realize that they’re filming this footage at 120,000 FRAMES PER SECOND you can begin to understand just how trippy this is. You are able to see that tt’s not the hammer which smashes the entire mirror or an immediate splintering effect, but a shockwave that causes complete destruction.

Before I editorialize this too much I want to take a closer look at this footage by checking out some animated GIFs. Let’s take it step-by-step:




Frankly, I’m astonished at how quickly the glass splinters. We’re looking at 100,000 frames-per-second footage. That’s about as fast (or slow, depending on your perspective) as you’ll find on the Internet these days and the glass still shatters pretty fucking fast.

I had intended on sharing this clip with you bros yesterday but I ended up getting busy as hell and the day just got away from me. Good news, this is the Internet and YouTube is mostly evergreen. I hope you’ll all forgive me…

(via The Slow Mo Guys YouTube)