Bro Suffering From ’Sinister Hangover’ Convinces Domino’s To Deliver Him Pizza In Bed

I don’t think I’m alone in having suffered more than a handful of hangovers throughout the years that were so devastating I couldn’t get out of bed. I’m guessing the majority of you bros out there have endured the same, possibly as recently as yesterday or even right now.

That’s why I feel with this bro for shooting his shot in an attempt to get Domino’s Pizza to deliver him deliciously hangover-curing pizza right to his bedroom. Miraculously, the delivery man from Domino’s pulled through on the request which has since gone viral after Sam Zegrour posted to Facebook on Saturday about his hangover ordeal:

The Domino’s Pizza delivery man came through for Sam in his moment of need. In turn, Sam Zegrour shared a Facebook post of the Delivery man’s heroics (pics above) and that has since been shared almost 20,000 times on Facebook with over 20K likes.

Like Sam said, not all heroes wear capes.

[h/t Crave Online]