Derek Jeter’s Supermodel Fiancée Hannah Davis Just Addressed The Post-Sex Gift Basket Rumor

There’s a difference between being honest and keeping secrets. Being honest only applies to what you share with your partner and keeping secrets is a choice one makes to keep a sane partnership. An honest man can die with a closet full of secrets. Or a closet full of gift baskets.

That may be the case with Derek Jeter.

The rumor started after a 2011 New York Post story reported that Derek Jeter sent his one-night stands home in a hired car with a gift basket in the back, including an autographed baseball from the Yankee great. Jeter denied the allegation and there has been no such tangible proof (to my knowledge) that gives this claim any legs.

But the rumor has withstood the test of time and almost five years later, I’ve consigned myself to believing it. Not because logic, reason or evidence compels me to, but solely because I want to believe it. A story this unabashedly outrageous CAN’T be fake, I tell myself.

At the tender age of 41, Derek Jeter has made the decision to settle down with 25-year-old supermodel Hannah Davis, who is fairly attractive.

*zips pants back up*

The Sports Illustrated cover model appeared on Dallas’ 105.3 The Fan Wednesday and was probed about her personal life with Derek, only to disclose very little. But when asked about the gift basket saga, Davis was pretty candid with her response.

“I never received a gift basket, I’m sorry to tell you,” laughed Davis. “And it’s really sad that anyone could believe something like (that). It’s such a stupid story that makes no sense. But I mean, what are you gonna do?”


Listen to it here. You can feel her heat up.

[protected-iframe id=”ea9b3151522ff04c317f68a7c8269d31-97886205-37946113″ info=”” width=”560″ height=”315″ frameborder=”0″]

This does not hinder my belief in the gift basket bonanza. OF COURSE he wouldn’t give his high-profile hook ups a gift basket. That would be a level even an egomaniac like “Jeets” knows better than to do. He just sends the Instagram “models” home with a little token of appreciation.

These power players just went home with a limp.

[h/t Complex]

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