Today In ‘Things You Never Knew About Your Body’ — You Can Hear The Difference Between Cold And Hot Water

Get ready to have some science bombs dropped all over your mind. In just a few moments you’ll be learning something new about yourself, something that 99.99% of you out there *most likely* didn’t already know: your mind/ears actually hears the difference between hot water and cold water. This video requires sound so be sure to turn up the volume on your phone to a point that you can hear it, or put on your headphones.

This is something we’ve all somehow been aware of our entire lives but never fully realized until this instant. Anyone who ever took Physics in H.S. or College knows that the viscosity of liquids is highly affected by temperature. Often, a high temperature is correlated with low viscosity. Conversely, colder liquids are correlated with high viscosity….I probably fucked that up and mixed them around, but such is life, I’m sure I’ll be told by someone in the comments that I’m a fucking idiot anyway.

It’s for these reasons that we’re able to discern which is the hot and cold water when the man on camera blurs the screen and pours both liquids. We only get a very rudimentary explanation for the phenomenon at play here.

(h/t DIGG)

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