Here’s A Super Hot Girl Showing Bros How To Properly Rock A Cap In All Situations

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If there’s one accessory that’s easier for all bros to rock without much thought, it’s a cap. Putting it over our messed up hair to save ourselves from actually getting ready each morning and covering our groggy faces from a long night prior, a cap can save a dude in the most clutch situations.

While we may not think much about what the cap looks like with the rest of our wardrobe, New Era—the Official headwear of NFL sidelines—wants to remind us that, yes, girls notice if a guy knows how important it is to make sure everything’s matching, just like our favorite players on the gridiron do each weekend.

But because New Era has NFL caps that aren’t just made for the sideline, they hired a very sexy lady to show you how to rock one in almost every situation, which might just save you from embarrassment and grab the attention of that hottie staring at you from across the bar.

Just make sure you don’t switch allegiances, because that might be a babe killer.

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