Hero Grandmother Rescues Cop By Attacking Man Who Was Beating Up Police Officer

Nobody would expect a grandmother to jump into action to save a police officer from a man attacking him, but that’s exactly what this badass grandma did. Vickie Williams-Tillman was running errands when she saw a cop being attacked on the side of the road. Not only did she call 911 for more assistance, but she also helped the officer fight off the attacker.

Baton Rouge Police Chief Carl Dabadie found Thomas Bennet, 28, asleep in a car. The officer discovered that Bennet had syringes and a bag of cocaine. When Officer Dabadie attempted to arrest Bennet the man stole his baton and “repeatedly hit the officer in the head.”

The 56-year-old woman was driving by and saw the cop being attacked so she attacked the man back. Police said the grandma was “risking her own safety she jumped out of her vehicle and onto the back of the 28-year-old assailant.” She was also able to get the man’s hand off the cop’s handgun.

Williams-Tillman managed to hold off the cokehead long enough for police backup to arrive, and they tasered Bennet.

The Baton Rouge Police Department held a ceremony for Williams-Tillman and the mayor thanked her for her bravery.

“For going above and beyond in that moment to help our officer and possibly save his life we are forever grateful to you Ms. Vickie!” the police department said.

All three people involved in the incident were taken to a hospital.

You don’t mess with this valiant nana.