Let’s Guess How High This Dude Was When He Started Eating A Full Stick Of Butter Like A Snickers On The Subway

I really do believe that, if you want to create the next great horror film, all you have to do is sit on the New York City subway system for an afternoon. You’ll see all kinds of disgusting human beings ripe for starring in the next Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Fuck, imagine being trapped on the subway system for a full day? That’s a horror movie right there.

And I’ll admit, I’ve seen some shit in the subway tubes. One time I saw a meth mouth pull out two of his own teeth and throw it at a random passenger. That was pretty bananas. But that’s nowhere near as insane as this dude eating a stick of butter like a Milky Way.

I can’t even imagine how high this guy was. This is like bath salts level. I’ve seen people put too much butter on their toast and throw it out. This guy sometimes has butter with a side of toast. Plus, he’s got like four sticks of butter with him. This dude’s going sight seeing with enough butter to lube up his heart and shit it out with no butthole rippage.

Also, this is probably the second weirdest video I’ve seen of people on the subway. The first was in China when two people got into an argument and one of them tried to eat the other.