High School Bro Goes To Prom With Smoking Hot Redskins Cheerleader After His Viral Campaign Gets 10,000 Retweets

christa aiken

Generally speaking, asking a hot stranger to acknowledge you in the comment section of one of her posts yields about as much success as a netted condom. Odds are, you have a better chance at a response by sending a carrier pigeon with a clipped wing to her front door than you do blindly taking swings on her Instagram account. But stranger things have happened and it never hurts to live by the motto ‘no swings, no hits.’

And that’s exactly the motto that Stephen Bieber lived by, and I’d imagine he’s sure glad he did. Back in March, he commented on an Instagram post of Christa Aiken’s, a Redskins cheerleader and absolute bombshell. He presented her with this propostion: 10,000 retweets equals a prom date.


Stephen’s 350 Twitter followers wasn’t going to cut it, but thankfully he got a little bump from Busted Coverage, who urged their audience to give a bro a retweet for a night he’ll never forget.

Welp, his retweet count topped 10k, and Christa kept her word. Stephen can show his children one day that he went to prom with one of the biggest smoke pistols in the DC area. I speculate that he’ll leave the part out where he begged her to go with him on social media.

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[h/t Busted Coverage]