Everyone At This High School In Maine Seems Pretty Chill That A Hitler Quote Made It Into The Yearbook



The 2016 Bangor High School yearbook, Oracle, came out last week. When students flipped through its pages, they were surprised to see a quote not from one of their fellow Rams, but rather the 20th century’s greatest tyrant, Adolf Hitler.

It reads, “anyone who sees and paints a sky green and the fields blue ought to be sterilized.”

It’s thought to be referring to Hitler’s dislike of modern art.

Look at the picture. It’s even got his name there. It’s not like whoever was trying to get it in there was being surreptitious or anything. Probably just a dumb stunt.

Which is why the response from the school has been OVERWHELMING(ly meh).

Officials called it regrettable. Class president Nick Danby said he is neither “outraged” nor thrilled” and that it’s nobody’s fault.

“It’s not the administrator’s fault, it’s not even the yearbook staff’s fault.”

(Well it is kinda, but who am I to tell the class of 2016 president what to think?)

The school placed stickers over the quote in any yearbook that had yet to be distributed. As for the ones that had already gone out, students are getting stickers sent to their house to place over the quote.

Danby said he’d “already let it go.”

Like I said. Pretty chill.

[Via KLBZ, Daily Mail]

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