Holy Shit, We Are About to Have Whiskey-Flavored Pork

by 6 years ago


Are you ready for your delicious pork meat to become even more deliciouser? I know I fucking am because I just made up a word to describe it, that’s how jazzed am I.


Whiskey. Flavored. Pork.


Templeton Rye, which makes a phenomenal fucking whiskey (I’m gonna have some when I get home), is feeding pigs the same dry grain the distillery uses to make its booze.

The pigs are the top-notch, Duroc variety, and the whole project is being overseen by a dude who has a Ph.D. in meat flavors. So when you cut them into chops and throw one on the grill and slice into it, it’s GOING TO TASTE LIKE PORK AND WHISKEY.

You can read all about it here. (And also request a pig, but good luck getting one. There are only 25 and chefs around the country have already sent in applications.) (Fuck them I want one.)


[Adorable Pig via Shutterstock]