Homophobic Scumbag Gets His Ass Handed To Him By Passengers After Assaulting Man At Airport

If there wasn’t enough to worry about at airports these days with the threat of terrorism and Ebola, we really shouldn’t have to worry about some douche starting fights in the terminals. We take you to Gate 30 in Terminal C at the Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport where some shit for brains began verbally abusing a fellow passenger for wearing a pink shirt. This fuckwit begins spouting some putrid homophobic slurs and then his hate boils over to the point he kicks the man in the groin and then punches him in the head. That’s when several bystanders jumped on the anti-gay dickwad and tackled him to the ground. A man wearing a cowboy hat was most vocal in the comeuppance, “No way! No way, you motherfucker. You ain’t doin’ that fucking shit, motherfucker.” Well said sir. Police were quickly on the scene and helped subdue the man, but not before he goes on one last ignorant rant:

“You want me to tell you the reason why I did it? Because this is America, that’s why.”

Easy there Randy Marsh. So, so, so much ignorance in one human being, that it’s hard to believe. On the bright spot there was only one homophobic piece of shit, but there were many good Samaritans who did the right thing by smashing this turd and restored my faith in humanity.