Wait, Was Donald Trump’s Bangin’ Press Secretary Hooking Up With His Busted Campaign Manager?

Hope Hicks is, by all accounts, a smart, stunning, 27-year-old who has done the impossible job of handling the communications for one of the most notoriously difficult humans in world history.

Corey Lewandowski is, by all accounts, a washed up, ugly, 43-year-old asshole who has done the extremely easy job of convincing a bad human to act as terrible as possible.

And according papers filed by a long-since fired campaign staffer, the two of them were hooking up.

We reported a while back that they got into a shouting match outside of Trump Towers.

Sam Nunberg, a former Trump aide, says the fight stemmed from them doing each other.

Nunberg was fired last year, but is now being sued by Trump for $10 million for allegedly leaking news of the spat to Page Six. Nunberg filed a response saying a great number of other people saw the fight and that, oh by the way, they were fucking.

Former Donald Trump campaign staffer Sam Nunberg has filed sensational legal papers against the presidential hopeful’s campaign, alleging he was wrongly accused of leaking a story to Page Six about a “lovers’ quarrel” between the mogul’s publicist and campaign manager.

Nunberg says in his response filed today in New York Supreme Court, “The Trump campaign is misguidedly and improperly attempting to use the sword of private arbitration proceeding against me to silence media coverage of a loud and angry argument on a public street between its former campaign manager Corey Lewandowski … and a female Trump campaign staffer, concerning their sordid and apparently illicit affair, which … was witnessed by another Trump campaign staffer, as reported in the New York Post, Page Six.”

Nunberg called the fight a “public inappropriate display by the former campaign manager and, upon information and belief, his paramour.”

Lewandowski is married with four kids, but I doubt that would stop him, because he’s a literal piece of human garbage.

Lewandowski didn’t respond to requests to comment, and Hicks declined to comment.

This could all be made up, but at this point, what wouldn’t you believe?

[Via Page Six]

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