Trump’s Babe Of A Spokeswoman And His Campaign Manager Got Into A Public Screaming Match Last Night


I have been dying, dying, dying to do a post for you dudes about Donald Trump’s press secretary slash communications director. Why? Hope Hicks is a 27-year-old flat out babe who is behind the most unconventional, unexpected presidential campaign media strategy in modern times.

Cool shit, right.

The only reason I haven’t? She keeps a profile lower than fucking Tom Wolfe or some shit. There’s only like four photos of her at all on the internet, none of which I have the legal rights to use.

That said, embedding tweets is perfectly alright, so check this out.

She’s got an eagle!

Anyway, that’s like the best I can do for you here without us getting sued to the bejesus. You can Google her, but, even then, you’ll only find a few shots. I am partial to this Getty pic.

She’s had a few small profiles done on her, but has mostly stayed away from the spotlight. That is, until last night, when she and Trump’s campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski, got into a very, very public screaming match in New York City. Via Page Six:

Onlookers were stunned to see Hicks, 27, hollering at Lewandowski, 42, in plain view of passersby on 61st Street near Park Avenue.

One witness told us, “Hope was screaming at Corey, ‘I am done with you!’ It was ugly, she was doubled over with her fists clenched. He stood there looking shocked with his hands on his head.”

Other sources insist the street showdown was about how to handle the announcement that seasoned political operative Paul Manafort would be taking an even larger role in Trump’s campaign, and how Lewandowski’s role would be defined going forward.

Hicks declined to comment today on the report.

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