This Hot Former Meth Head Used To Be A Penthouse Pet Model Until She Got Caught With, You Guessed It, METH

41-year-old Simone Farrow, a former Penthouse Pet who was caught trying to smuggle meth into Australia, was sentenced to a minimum of six-and-a-half years in jail for playing a “principal role” in helping smuggle meth into the country over a seven-and-a-half month period in 2009.

According to Daily Mail, prosecutors said that Farrow was the leader of a drug ring while simultaneously pursuing a career in the United States under the name “Simon Starr.” Despite a fledging career, Farrow says she abused prescription drugs and smoked meth regularly while in the U.S. “I couldn’t basically function unless I smoked it,” she said in court.

Farrow denies being the leader of the meth smuggling group and claimed to have been set up…

In court she said she was unknowingly set up by some employees who had obtained complete control of her bank, phone and email accounts and ran the drug ring behind her back.

Ms Farrow’s lawyer told the court that if buyers believed she was behind the syndicate, it was because her employees would have imitated her way of speaking in order to pass off as her.(via)

…however she did plead guilty to importing a marketable quantity of a border controlled drug.

Farrow was given an overall sentence of 11 years, though with time served she will reportedly be eligible for parole in February 2019.

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