This Hot Model Convicted For Trying To Hire An Assassin Will Give You The Fear Boner Of Your Life

We’ve heard and read some crazy tales of people doing really stupid things to their exes and their significant other’s exes, but this story takes it to the extreme.

Tara Lambert, 33, of Circleville, Ohio, was convicted on Wednesday of attempting to hire a hitman to take out her husband’s ex-wife. An ex-wife who he also happens to have two kids with, aka her stepchildren.

Lambert was arrested when she didn’t realize that the hitman she was trying to hire to kill her husband’s ex-wife was in reality an undercover policeman.

In secretly recorded video with the cop Lambert even joked about utilizing a wood chipper. Yikes.

Reports the Columbus Dispatch

Lambert was arrested on July 28 after she met with an undercover deputy sheriff posing as a hitman and gave him a photo of Kellie Cooke, her address and details about her vehicles and habits. She paid the man $125 as a down payment.

When asked what she wanted done, Lambert told the undercover deputy to throw Cooke into a lumber shredder. Lambert testified on Tuesday that she was just kidding.

Also on Tuesday, psychologist Jolie Brams testified on Lambert’s behalf and called her “developmentally damaged.”

On the bright side for Lambert she was acquitted of the charge of conspiracy to commit murder. Prosecutors suggested that Lambert was found not guilty of that charge because what she did “appeared to be more spur of the moment.”

Lambert could receive up to 11 years in prison when she is sentenced on February 17th.

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[Columbus Dispatch]

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