This ‘How I Lost My Virginity’ Twitter Account Is A Treasure Trove Of Amazing Stories

There are a lot of fun Twitter accounts out there dedicated to one singular purpose, but this one which chronicles the stories of how people lost their virginity might be one of the most entertaining ones we’ve ever seen.

Called “How I Lost My Vcard” this Twitter account takes anonymous stories that people have submitted to them about how they lost their virginity and shares them purely for our voyeuristic enjoyment.

So how does one go about getting a story about losing your V-card posted? It’s all right here…

I don’t know if all of them qualify as “legendary,” but these selections below certainly count as well worth a read.

Titled: “She whips her t*ts out”

Titled: “I’m one of those college success stories”

Titled: “Her mom came too”

Titled: “faster than usain bolt”

Titled: “Lasted a whole 1 minute”

Titled: “Bruh thats the best game ever”

I think you get the idea…

Check out tons more stories, MANY of which were too graphic to share here, over at “How I Lost My Vcard.”

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