How To Make Your Own Slip Cups For Beer Pong

Last week I posted about Slip Cups, the tremendously popular Kickstarter campaign that proposes a solution to playing with dirty pong balls (that isn’t water pong). So many people loved the idea that the Kickstarter has raised over $76,000.

But here’s the thing: Doesn’t an invention like Slip Cup already exist? Isn’t it essentially just another type of disposable cup you can buy at any grocery store? Isn’t the Slip Cup just re-branding and marketing that cup for use in beer pong?

Yes. Pretty much.

A DJ named Tree Riddle at Flint, Michigan’s rock radio Banana 101.5 is calling the creators of the Slip Cup out.

The “inventors” are looking for a $70k overall investment, and are giving people who donate $5 a pack of 20 Slip Cups. We just drove to the closest supermarket and bought 40 for around $3.29.

He has a way to make your own Slip Cups in case you’re just not feeling the Kickstarter campaign. Check it out above.

Then again… You can’t get mad at the Slip Cup bros for trying to cash in on some all-American capitalism via Internet virality. Kudos.

BTW, I reached out to one of the creators of Slip Cup. Here’s his reaction to Tree’s video:

I don’t think the guy understand that (A. when these cups go to retail they will be 3 dollars so who would go cut these cups an make it themselves when u can buy it for the same price? Lol and (B. it’s a Kickstarter, that’s why the price is this way.

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