This Guy’s Pitch For His ‘How To Meet Women On The Subway’ Book Outside An NYC Starbucks Is GOLD

If you’re lucky enough to be gracing the corner of 6th & Bryant Park in New York City today, you may see Brian here pushing his 125-page novella How To Meet Women On The Subway, and based on the pitch he’s rolling with, he’ll probably be sold out of every single $10 autographed copy he has in that suitcase before you even finish reading this article!

“125 pages of my subway slider secrets, by sharing the ICC loops that “identify target, make contact, and CLOSE and get a number in less than 3 minutes!

Oh, you might get maced once or twice but these tips always work. “How To Meet Women On The Subway” is [inaudible] will have fun and laughter. Santa Claus just bought three copies himself! I know you say, “Brian, I’m not as good looking as you…”

Anddddd this dude’s face says it all.

Brian Robinson

Ummmm bro, I wanna pick up chicks, not get maced in the face. And why is Santa buying three copies? What does Mrs. Claus think about that!?

But in all seriousness, a little research revealed that How To Meet Women On The Subway is actually pretty well-reviewed, and of the satire genre – hence the gimmick – so I guess author Brian Robinson is doing something right.

Also, just have to point out, it is a surprisingly warm December day for a good NYC corner hustle.

[h/t Oliver Darcy]