How To Stay Friends With An Ex — Unless She’s A Complete Nut Job

Every once in a while a relationship ends of good terms. Maybe you just weren’t a good fit or you just fell out of love. Maybe you were both wrong, you were better off as friends.

Whatever the case you’ve decided that friendship after a relationship is a plausible outcome. But just hold the hell on. You can’t go from banging one day to movie pals the next. A transition period is essential. An ample amount of time to go from “more than friends” to “just friends.”

Here’s a handy video from Ask Men about how to stay friends with an ex. It’s a pretty simple formula. Stick to it and things should remain civil. Until that one night you both get hammered and sleep together. Oh please, you know that’s coming.

You’re probably also going to need this first — tips for getting over an ex. You’ve got to squash the feelings before becoming best buds.

[H/T: Ask Men]

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