This News Team’s Reaction To A Prank Call About Howard Stern’s A**hole During A Tornado Forecast Is So Weird

I can’t wrap my head around this video. A guy calls in, tells the weatherman from NBC Chicago that he is basically in the eye of a tornado and then, after he has seemed convincing enough, he hits the weatherman with, “the winds blowing really heavily, like it’s a blast from Howard Stern’s asshole.”

After receiving a call like that, on LIVE TV, a normal person would say, “We’ve been had. That was clearly a prank call.” Not the NBC Chicago new team, though. The weatherman, to his credit, quickly acknowledged and dismissed the vulgarity, but the two anchors at the desk then decide to show genuine concern that the caller is still stuck in the eye of the storm. “I’m concerned about Ryan back in his truck, what should he do right now?”

Well, YOU COLOSSAL DIPSHIT, he should probably hop off his couch and go grab a beer from his fridge to congratulate himself for successfully pranking a gaggle of morons.