Remember That H.S. Student That Surprised His Teacher With A Pair Of Rare Jordans? Nike Just Hooked Him Up!

Last week one H.S. student’s story of surprising his teacher with a rare pair of Jordan sneakers went crazy viral after he tweeted a video of the teacher’s reaction. If you haven’t seen that original story yet you NEED to check it out (SEE HERE), because it’s one of the most thoughtful gestures to ever take place inside of a high school.

That student didn’t surprise his teacher with a rare pair of sneakers the teacher had wanted for 20 years because the student was out to get noticed, he did it as a thank you to for all the teacher’s hard work. Well, Nike saw that meaningful gesture after it went viral and Nike in turn hooked that student up with a pair of Air Jordan 12’s that were only released back in July along with a heartfelt note:

Here’s Hector in his new shoes:

Now, if you still haven’t seen that original clip of the teacher being surprised just STOP what you’re doing and watch it now:


It makes all the sense in the world that Nike would get in on this feel-good story and piggyback off of the virality. I am a little shocked that they only sent him one pair of shoes though when they could’ve sent him a truck’s worth of sneakers and it wouldn’t have made registered a blip on the radar of their earnings…What do you think, was this enough from Nike or should they have done more after choosing to get involved?

…(h/t Metro UK)…