You Know Something Mean Gene, This List Of Dress Code Rules At Hulk Hogan’s Restaurant Is Bonkers

A writer over at Vice took a trip to the Hulkster’s beach bar in Tampa, Florida and the results were as magical and Hogan’s baked-in orange glow.  What he uncovered was a Planet Hollywood Hogan chain joint that’s a shrine to the man who put professional wrestling on the pop culture map.

The place has everything for the hardcore Hulkamaniac, assuming the typical Hogan-ite can get in the place. Hulk Hogan could not get into his own restaurant. Dig this brothers — the dress code at Hulk Hogan’s beach restaurant is SO STRICT that Hulk Hogan himself wouldn’t be allowed in.

Check out some of these rules enforced by the staff at Hogan’s Beach:

You know something, Mean Gene, these rules are horse shit.

As the Vice writer pointed out, the fact that the man WHO MADE DO RAGS FOR BALD WHITE DUDES FAMOUS won’t allow that same head gear in his restaurant is irony at its purest. Also, did anyone else read this list and think of former WCW and Mexican star Konnan? The list might as well read “no one like Konnan.”

No high-top sneakers? Are they scared a pick-up basketball game will break out?

Sleeves? SLEEVES?!? Patrons have to holster the 24-inch guns in a restaurant who’s namesake never wore a shirt with sleeves IN HIS LIFE. The man wore a sleeveless tuxedo shirt to Elmer and Joyce’s wedding for Christ’s sake.

Whatcha gonna do, Hulkamaniacs, when restaurant staff puts a sport jacket on youuuuuu!! Perhaps we could interest you in something from the WCW clothing catalog?