These Are The Ideal Male Body Types From Around The World, So Find Out Which Country You’d Be Most Desirable In

Original Body

If you could trade bodies with one person on the planet who would it be, on three. 1, 2, MARIO LOPEZ! Did we just become best friends? Our culture and upbringing has ingrained in us that the ideal body type is objective–that AC Slater’s washboard abs, hypotenuse triangle lats, and perfectly symmetrical grapefruit pecks are the goal, the quintessential model of health, masculinity, and attractiveness.

But have you ever stopped to consider that different cultures may look at Mario Lopez and see the equivalent of a Zach Galifianakis? No, of course you didn’t you self-important jerk!

It’s a new day, though. And thanks to the Telegraph, we can now compare the ‘ideal’ body types from around the world.

In a new project by Superdrug’s ‘Perceptions of Perfection‘ project, researchers sent a picture of a New York based photographer to freelance designers around the world, with the challenge to make him look more attractive.

The results are diverse in both body type, hair colour and skin tone, highlighting the strong variations in how different countries perceive male beauty.

Check out the varying results below and choose what country you’d be most desirable in.

Aussie dude’s shaped like an TI-83 calculator. 

Bangladeshi dude hopes those shorts will distract people from that Batman patch in the center of his chest. Mission failed.

Bagladesh Body

Chinese bro has a balanced diet but hasn’t touched a free weight since 1997. 

China Body

Bordering on ‘t-shirt in the pool…’

Colombia Body

I’ve lost track of how many muscles are in this Egyptian dude’s stomach. Lost count at 83.

Egypt Body

You look way too proud to be rocking that bod, bruh. Respect, though.

Indonesia Body

Dad strength…

Nigeria Body

Dude, are you wearing swimmies?

Pakistan Body

Do one curl for me. One. 

Phillippines Body

The official body of ‘I’m temporarily trying to slim down for my wedding’

Portugal Body

Remind me never to bring my girlfriend to Russia. That hair/body combo is irresistible.

Russia Body

Looks like that left nipple is winning the race to your chin, bruh.

South Africa Body

“Fuck it.”

Spain Body

“I was a swimmer at University but now I’m in a long-term relationship.”

UK Body

This is the body of back-to-back World War champs.

US Body

Moving to Spain? Me too.

[h/t Telegraph]

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