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There have been plenty of disgustingly violent crimes all over the world, but a few of the most insane crimes ever committed have actually come from children, as they found that being crazy was something that were interested in at a young age.

While you or I were doing things like stealing candy from the local convenient store or egging houses after sneaking out of our parents’ basement, these kids were plotting how to become infamous for crimes that were a hell of a lot more intense.


With the new horror movie, Sinister 2, set to release on August 21st, it got us thinking about which of these crimes from kids was the most bizarre—and they left us with our jaws floored.

Tyler Pagenstecher: The Teenage Drug Lord

I won’t say that I ever smoked marijuana while 17 years old, but there are plenty of my friends who weren’t shy about puffin’ the cheeba during our high school days.

While my buddies would show up high to a few places and hoped to avoid getting busted, 17-year-old Tyler Pagenstecher was outdoing weed-starved teens everywhere, as he became a drug kingpin after selling hundreds of pounds worth of grass for a couple of years.

Beginning to sell to friends at age 15, Tyler instantly rose up the scene and started selling some high-end stuff, with the cops raiding his bedroom and finding six grand in cash and, get this, $3 million worth of marijuana.

Even after the judge believed Pagenstecher was a, “pretty fine young person that went down a bad trail,” the teenager was sentenced to serve six months to three years in juvenile prison.

Two Teenage Girls Rob Bank Clean

When you think of people robbing a bank, you probably don’t imagine a few, innocent looking teenage girls being the ones pulling off the heist. Well, at least, I don’t.

Typically, guys holding shotguns and covering their faces with ski masks is usually how something like that goes down.

But, that wasn’t the situation in 2010, when two Ohio teens were capable of pulling off one of the most successful bank robberies ever, taking home an undisclosed amount—AKA, a hell of a lot of cash.

Estimated to be 14 and 12 years old, the two robbers probably didn’t go blow all that dough at a Toys “R” Us on Barbies, either, showing that they were a little bit smarter than your average middle schoolers.

With the 14-year-old calmly slipping the bank teller a note to give the thief money, and the 12-year-old accomplice on the lookout for cops, the two made off without getting busted—which includes not avoiding getting grounded by their parents for ditching study hall.

John Katehis Is A Craigslist Murderer

For so many reasons, the website Craigslist is known to make more than just a few people skeptical, as phony ads have been known to pop-up on the site every single day, with people who are less-than-trustworthy posting them.

One of those overly sketchy people was 16-year-old John Katehis of Queens, New York, who posted an ad offering sex in exchange for money for $60.

When Katehis received a few email replies from local ABC News Radio reporter George Weber, the teenager and the reporter set up a time and place for the rough sex to occur, with Weber hosting the charade.

That’s where things got rowdy, as Katehis alleged that Weber—who was bound and being choked—pulled a knife on the kid, with the teen trying to defend himself from being stabbed.

After cops searched the scene, though, the account that Katehis gave didn’t seem to match up, and he was charged with second-degree murder and tried as an adult, leading to a 25-year-to-life prison sentence in 2011.

The Bling Ring

As mentioned above with the Ohio teens who took off with loads of cash from a bank, robbing someone doesn’t require a hell of a lot of practice, as there’s no telling who might be able to execute the perfect plan.

Proof in point, the, now infamous, Bling Ring robbers.

Known for being mega-fans of mega-big stars in Hollywood, these teens were the subject of the 2013 flick The Bling Ring, showing how the kids were able to rip-off some of the biggest names in Hollywood.

Breaking into the homes of stars like Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton and Audrina Patridge, the girls were best-known for taking high-end jewelry and clothing—otherwise known as a teenage girl’s dream come true—before the cops caught up with them and spoiled the freebies.

Still, the four girls, all either 18 or 19 years old, were able to snatch a few items from Los Angeles’ elite.

Mary Bell Will (Probably) Rot In Hell

At 11 years old, there are very few people who are plotting a ridiculous murder—let alone following through with the plans. For Mary Bell in 1968, though, that’s exactly what she was doing.

After being found guilty for the manslaughter of two boys in Newcastle in the United Kingdom, Bell served 12 years in prison for her heinous crime, which involved Bell strangling a four-year-old boy to death and dismembering a three-year-old boy’s genitals, carving an M into his stomach.

Born to a prostitute mother who pimped the young girl out when she was just four years old, the court deemed Mary to be psychotic, placing her government care during her time locked up.

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