This Is What The Inside Of A Blow Up Doll Factory Looks Like And Holy Shit It’s Like Something Out Of A Bad LSD Trip

You would think that factories generally all look the same on the inside. Y’know, a little bit of this…

A little bit of that…

And if your factory is all about churnin’ out chicken nuggets, you’d expect some poultry gettin’ churned out of a machine at some point…

All reasonable expectations that you’d expect also apply to sex doll factories, yes?


The city of Ningbo, China has the highest number of sex doll factories in all of China, with production beginning five years ago and expanding from only focusing on customers located in China, Japan, Korea and Turkey, to the entire globe.

Factory worker Lili Hsing, 36, said: “It’s taken our breath away – and not because we have to blow up the dolls. The speed this industry has developed is truly exceptional.

“When I first started here, we had one type of doll on offer, and only limited local interest. Now we have 10 dolls, including our premium high end brand, and calls from all over the world.”

Via Mirror

They went from only having one doll to offer…to this:

// when you sit down and really think about how products in factories are made, you realize that each part is made separately and then assembled towards the end. This is how we end up with nightmare fodder like this:


And this:


Thousands of deflated human replicas, all laying around just biding their time until they rise up and suffocate the factory workers and take over the world. Move over Ebola, we’ve got the sex doll uprising to worry about…or at least you do if you’re on a really bad trip.

[H/T Mirror, header image via Shutterstock]