Your Chick Is Instinctively Keeping You Away From Her Ovulating Friends So You Don’t Bang


When a guy doesn’t like another guy it is usually known and very easy to see. But women are a little more cunning, and can hide their hatred of another female pretty well, and even be friends with that person. Women will even keep their friends away from their man, and science says that females will especially guard their sex partners from ovulating women.

In a new study published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, researchers from Arizona State University studied women’s efforts to guard their partners from other ovulating women.

Psychologists conducted four studies involving 478 heterosexual engaged or married women. In each study, the women were shown a series of photographs of women who were ovulating and on their menstrual cycle, and were asked how willing they would be for the women to befriend their partner on a scale of 1-7, but they were not told which were ovulating and which were not.

Participants were significantly more likely to keep the women away from their man when the woman shown in the pic was ovulating. The females were “sensitive to both interpersonal and contextual cues indicating whether other women might be likely and effective mate poachers.” Seems like her bae-dar can detect homewrecking thots who are eager to get their welcoming eggs fertilized.

The experiments also found that having their man exposed to highly fertile females, regardless of how attractive they were, also increased women’s sexual desires for their partners.

The study reveals that women use this sensitivity to fertile women to do things like socially exclude their ovulating friends, or increase sexual attention to their boyfriends in order to deter mate-poaching.

So start hanging out with more ovulating females if you want your chick to bang you more.


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