The iPhone 7 Is Completely Inferior To What The iPhone 8 ‘Anniversary Edition’ Will Reportedly Feature

The iPhone 7 hasn’t even come out yet, but word on the street is that it’s probably better to just wait for the iPhone 8 in 2017.

Now, these are all just rumors – but they sound fairly logical in terms of Apple’s technological progression throughout the years. Remember how the iPod used to be a giant wheel and a small screen, then gradually evolved to being one giant screen like the iPhone? Well supposedly Apple is taking that one step further, and LITERALLY making it one giant screen – as in, no home button and no black stripe across the top of your phone.

They’re also rumored to be skipping any of the “S” series and going straight to just having the iPhone 8. If you ask me, this’ll be a nice change and save the general population from having to listen to people brag about their “new and improved” phone that really isn’t that much different from the last one they had.

Oh, and wireless charging will finally make an appearance, rather than wireless headphones that no one asked for.

Of course, these are all just rumors – but what else can Apple do to the iPhone to make it different from what we’ve already got? Add a collapsible selfie stick to the base? Install a can opener in the back? Teach it origami? The possibilities are endless and stupid, which means they’re stuck with the limited yet intelligent options, and that list is growing shorter and shorter with every iPhone.

[H/T Elite Daily]