Watch This Irish Wanker Concuss Himself While Trying To Drink A Beer Upside Down

You want to impress your friends at the bar and what better way than to take off your shirt, do a handstand, and attempt to drink a beer upside down. That is exactly what this Irish gentleman attempted to do at a bar in Amsterdam. But he royally failed to impress anyone.

After doing a handstand, the lad couldn’t even get one sip of beer and quickly stands up.

Unfortunately for this bloke, he learns an important lesson about blood pressure the hard way by passing out, hitting his head on a table, and smashing to the floor. The brain doesn’t really like it when you go upside down, have all the blood in your body flow into your head, and then quickly jump to your feet. Especially after downing a few Smithwick’s accompanied by some shots of Jameson.

Jumpin’ jiminy cricket, you fucking knocked over your beer with your seemingly lifeless body. Needless alcohol abuse.