is chivalry dead?

​You already have made up your mind when you read the title of this post. And that’s what the problem. Chivalry isn’t dead, it’s lost. I am a junior at Rutgers, a part of what I personally believe to the best, and also most controversial, fraternity here. If you go here, you probably know who we are. 

So is chivalry dead? It isn’t that easy. Cruelty is a matter of perspective. I, again, personally, love being with one girl. I believe in it, for whatever reason. Ask the wrong person and you’ll get the wrong answer. I could go out, fuck a girl per party, and wake up loving life every morning, but to me, personally, that isn’t what I’m looking for. My brothers for the most part see life differently, and at this point in their lives would prefer the freedom. So for the women who say chivalry is dead, and that men are the assholes, and all the same, are looking in the wrong places. I would 90% percent of guys will eventually become what a woman is looking for. After all, there are more women then there are men, and we still survive. The girls who bitch about men being boys are only fucking with boys, and not looking for the men. People age differently, and I guarantee all those girls, they’ll eventually get married, and never bitch again. It’s all a matter of time, some sooner than others. 

Until then, those who want a husband find a nerd, and those who want to have fun, find me after a bottle of JD honey and sixer.