ISIS Releases Video Of Ax Terrorist Who Injured 18 On German Train, Claims Responsibility For Attack

On Monday night, a 17-year-old man attacked innocent passengers with an ax and knife on a train in Germany. Witnesses claim that the teen shouted “Allahu Akbar” as he stormed the train at a station on the outskirts of Wuerzburg, in southern Germany. The barbaric attacker jumped off the train after someone pulled the emergency cord. He then attacked a woman with his ax and continued to run away. An officer from a special police unit jumped into action and shot the attacker dead. However, the assailant was able to injure at least 18, four of which are severely wounded.

Images of blood-splattered train cabins and a small pool of blood on the train station platform show a gruesome scene. The hospital in Wuerzburg confirmed that two patients from Hong Kong had suffered life-threatening injuries and were being treated. Approximately 30 passengers were on the train at the time of the barrage and more than a dozen were treated for shock.

ISIS has claimed responsibility for the ghastly ax attack and said the man who carried out the onslaught was one of its fighters.

Amaq news agency, which is the ISIS-run media, released a statement from Islamic State.

“Individual who carried out the ax attack in Germany was a soldier of the Islamic State who executed the operation in response to calls to target nations in the coalition fighting Islamic State.”

ISIL released a two-minute video of the ax-wielding terrorist.

The footage shows the man with a knife and he says, “I’m a soldier of the Caliphate… ISIS will attack you everywhere…in your villages, cities, & airports. I’ll carry out a suicide op in Germany…I’ll fight you so long as I’ve vein that beats & slaughter you.”

In the video, ISIS identified the attacker as Muhammad Riyad. The jihadist is an Afghan refugee, who can be heard in the video speaking Pashto, one of the two official languages of Afghanistan.

German officials went to a foster home in the nearby town of Ochsenfurt where Riyad was staying. They found a hand-painted ISIS flag in his room. A text written in Pashto was also found, said Joachim Herrmann, the interior minister of the state of Bavaria. It showed a strong indication that the teenager “could be a person who had been self-radicalised.” The teenager had gone to the mosque “on special occasions,” Herrmann said, but no-one had noticed any radical behavior.

This comes days after the lone wolf attack in Nice, France.