Cowardly ISIS ‘Fighters’ Caught Fleeing From Battle Dressed As Women

ISIS wants the world to believe they are an invincible force not afraid of death that can strike down anyone who opposes their diabolical and twisted ideology. But the reality is that they are just mortal soldiers who are afraid to die. That notion was hammered home last week when meek Islamic State soldiers dressed as women to escape a battle.

The Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), a militant group predominantly consisting of Kurdish fighters, were ready to take over the Syrian town of Manbij on Thursday. Before the offensive, SDF soldiers caught a few Daesh fighters fleeing from the town. They were dressed in women’s clothing. They were dressed from head to toe in full black veils to appear to be women.

The despicable group that treats women like property and has sex slaves, was happy to be women for a day to try to run for their lives. How ironically beautiful.

YouTube video shows the captured ISIS “fighters” dressed as females, then are forced to disrobe.

Cover up your man hands next time.

ISIS, fighting to the death or dressing up as women, whichever comes first.