ISIS Leader Abu Bakr Baghdadi Is Seriously Ill After Assassin Poisons His Food

People don’t poison leaders like they used to. Like when is the last time a political leader was killed off from purposely tainted food? We probably have to go all the way back to 1453 when Dmitriy Yurievich Shemyaka Dmitry Shemyaka, the Grand Duke of Moscow, was poisoned to death when he ate chicken befouled with arsenic after his chef was bribed by Muscovite agents. It seems like lords and nobles were always being poisoned during the Middle Ages. Before that, the Persians were killing off their kings. Back in the 330s BC. Person kings Artaxerxes III and Artaxerxes IV were poisoned to death in a span of two years. Now nobody gets poisoned except for former KGB agents who flee the country. But it appears that one assassin is attempting to make poisoning leaders great again.

A would-be assassin reportedly attempted to kill Islamic State leader Abu Bakr Baghdadi by poisoning his food. The attempt was not a complete success since the ISIS leader did not die, but is seriously sick. The poisoned food also caused three prominent terrorist commanders to be ill.

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“There were intelligence reports that Daesh leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi and three leading commanders consumed food containing poison,” the source in the Nineveh Province was quoted as saying by the Iraqi Media News Agency.

According to the source, the incident occurred in the southwest of Mosul near the Syrian border. Daesh has reportedly launched a campaign of arrests in the area in an attempt to find those responsible for poisoning the commanders’ food, Sputnik News reported.

All four of the poisoned Daesh leadership were taken to an unknown location to keep them safe.

It is not known how the four commanders were poisoned or with what, except that the toxin was prepared in some sort of meal. There is no truth to the rumor that he ate pigeon pie and washed it down with wine.

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Better luck next time assassin.

Hey Abu Bakr Baghdadi, how’s your burger?

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