Footage Of Sniper Taking Out 6 ISIS Fighters Was ‘Amazing’ But Also A Video Game

With so much footage going around regarding ISIS, it’s amazing stuff like this doesn’t happen more often. A recent video of a sniper taking out six ISIS fighters in under 2 minutes was proved to be absolutely fake. In fact, it was actually a video game, it was so fake.

Iranian state TV recently aired some amazing video of a sniper killing six ISIS fighters in under two minutes. He’s an impressive marksman. It’s just too bad that the video is fake. This “Hezbollah sniper” is actually just playing the video game Medal of Honor.

According to the French news outlet France 24 the footage has been airing on TV in Iran and Saudi Arabia. It’s also being spread around the internet with headlines like, “Six Daesh combatants are killed in 2 minutes by a Hezbollah sniper.” Daesh, of course, is the name used by some countries for what is more commonly called ISIS, ISIL, or The Islamic State here in the United States.

To make matters worse, some news organizations are even making stuff up on the fly.

One Iranian news agency even added a little color to their reporting, claiming that the sniper was using an Arash gun, which is manufactured in Iran. Given that it was video game footage produced by EA Games, this “gun” was probably manufactured of ones and zeroes in Los Angeles.

Here’s footage of the “kill shots” below.

So either games are getting way more realistic or we’re all just getting easier to fool.

[via Gizmodo]

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